Events in Madrid!

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IFPUG presents Events in Madrid  

Meet the IFPUG Board of Directors!

Earn Certification Extension Credits!

Take Certification Exam – Both CFPS and CSP exams will be given.

Be among the first to be certified in SNAP – take the CSP Exam!  

 Take the two day SNAP training session, which is available prior to the exam on
March 24th & 25th  

Have you been preparing to take the CFPS or CSP (SNAP) exam? If so, now is the time!

 Both the CFPS Certification Exam and the CSP (SNAP) Certification Exam can be taken on March 26th 2014,

 the day before you attend ISMA 9 in Europe, held in Madrid, Spain.

 Join us for 4 days’ worth of fun and learning opportunities in Madrid, or just register for a few.

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This conference will focus on why to measure software and what purpose and benefits are provided. 

Agile White Paper Now Available in Portuguese!

The White Paper,

FSSC Applying Function Point Analysis to Scrum Agile Software Development Projects,

has been translated into Portuguese and is now available in the IFPUG Online Store.

 Análise de Pontos de Função Aplicada em Projetos de Desenvolvimento
Ágil de Software – Scrum.

 To reach the IFPUG Online Store,  navigate to the IFPUG Member Services Area, Log In, and click on the [Online Store] button.  In the next screen,  Shop for the top 100 products, and Search for Agile. in the next screen, Click on the desired item, and in the next screen, click on [Add to Cart].  From there, follow the links for checking out and making your purchase.   After you purchase the white paper from the Online Store, there are additional steps required to download the document to your computer.  Details Here 

SNAP Workshops Coming Up!

SNAP face-to-face 2 day seminar Scheduled in Madrid March 24 – 25 as part of the 2014 ISMA 9 conference!


SNAP Virtual Workshop Scheduled for February 6 to 11, 2014!

The Non-Functional Sizing Standards Committee (NFSSC) will be offering two Workshops, both entitled “An Introduction to the Software Non-Functional Assessment Process (SNAP)”.

 Madrid two-day face to face SNAP workshop, March 24 – 25

A two-day face-to-face workshop will be held on March 24 – 25 in Madrid during the ISMA 9 conference,  in which attendees can interact with peers and other people who have extended knowledge in using SNAP.

 To register for the ISMA 9 workshop Click here! 

Virtual 4-day workshop, February 6 – 11

The virtual workshop will focus on those who cannot join ISMA9.

 This workshop will be held as a four-day series of three-hour sessions held on February 6, February 7, February 10 and February 11, 2014, from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM EST.

 Each session will take 3 hours, with two 10-minute breaks. Case studies will be given as extensions to the breaks and between the sessions.

To register for the virtual workshop Click here!

For both workshops:

 At the completion of the workshop, participants will be able to perform an assessment of Non Functional Requirements (NFRs) for a project or application to obtain their NFR size in a rigorous, objective manner.

 The expected target audience includes  Measurement and Development specialists seeking to understand the IFPUG guidelines for sizing and estimating NFRs. The participants of the workshop are expected to have a basic understanding of the IFPUG CPM.

 The course will be taught by instructors from IFPUG’s Non-Functional Sizing Standards Committee.

All participants will need to have a copy of the latest version of the SNAP APM 2.1. Please download the Assessment Practice Manual (APM) release 2.1 from the IFPUG online store prior to the Virtual workshop.