2017 Bestuur kandidaten aangekondigd!

De 2017 IFPUG Board of Directors Candidates
Als de Voorzitter van de 2017 IFPUG Nominating Committee, I am pleased to present to you this year’s slate of candidates for the four (4) open positions on the IFPUG Board of Directors. Below the candidate’s bios you will find information on how to cast your ballot.

All ballots must be received by the end of the day (door 12:00 midnight EDT US) on September 8, 2017. Votes submitted after that time will not be counted.

Kriste is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and ScrumMaster at DXC Technology. She works in Process Improvement, Kwantitatieve beheersing, Meting en formaatgrepen. Kriste coaches organizations to attain a CMMI Niveau 5 rating. Eerder steunde ze Metrics implementaties in organisaties in Azië-Pacific, EMEA and the Americas. Kriste is an inventor on a U.S. Patent for a Method of Pricing Application Software using FPs. A GVB voor 20 jaar, Kriste is IFPUG’s Immediate Past President. Kriste’s original goals for IFPUG were to increase IFPUG’s global presence, membership and participation. Based on what IFPUG has done the past 8 jaar, she was successful in achieving her goals. Kriste’s goals for IFPUG are to continue to increase the standardization of use of IFPUG’s Sizing Methods and to make the IPFUG Certifications the premier certifications in the industry. Kriste also intends to grow IFPUG’s investment income and build programs using this income.
My name is Charles Wesolowski, and I am standing for election to the IFPUG Board of Directors. Ik heb meer dan dertig jaar ervaring in softwareontwikkeling en beheer. I’m a GVB, en een lid van de functionele Sizing Standards Committee. I’m a frequent contributor to Metric Views, en een hartstochtelijk voorstander van de functie punt. Ik ben gespecialiseerd in functionele analyse toe te passen in moderne ontwikkelomgevingen, met behulp van UML en SCRUM technieken. Als een bestuurslid, I will work to insure that the organization will meet the needs of our membership to effectively use IFPUG measurement standards in today’s international software business environment.
Roopali Anand Thapar is a benchmark consultant with IBM and is based out of New Delhi, India. She has 13 years of experience in IT with specialization in data analytics, estimation and benchmarking. She has led the Global Function Point Competency within IBM for a number of years before moving to the benchmarking space. Her FP experience is in various types of technologies like client-server, data warehousing, and mainframes. She has handled multiple client cases of FP roadmap implementation including proof of concepts of the methodology. For years, she was involved in supporting account teams in IBM for productivity improvement procedures, FP audits & reviews. She is one of the key mentors for Function point certification in her organization. She became part of IFPUG functional sizing committee team in 2012. Since then she has also played an important role in SNAP method evolvement by being a member of NFSSC.
Christine Green’s focus as an IFPUG board member is to improve the method and services that IFPUG is providing to their members. One of the ways is to focus on the broader perspective of benchmarking and measurement. In the past Christine has been very active within IT Performance, development of SNAP as well as moving the Certifications to a new platform. Outside of her IFPUG work Christine is a consultant and owner of IPbyGreen (a newly started Danish Consultant Company) with the primary focus for smarter and more cost sufficient software services from both a purchasing and delivery perspective. With 20 years of experience within IT outsourcing Christine Green is considered an expert within Process Improvement with special focus on Metric, Meting, Benchmarking, Dashboard and Estimating. In addition to her IFPUG board work Christine Green is an executive board member of ISBSG.
Talmon Ben-Cnaan is a Quality and Testing measurements manager at Amdocs. He led Amdocs Measurements Department and was responsible for implementing Function Points in Amdocs. Amdocs Testing employs more than 2,500 testing experts located at more than 30 sites wereldwijd. Talmon leads IFPUG’s Non-Functional Software Sizing Committee since 2012, afgifte van geavanceerde versies van module handleiding, MAGNETISCH gereedschap, SNAP opleiding kit en meer. In 2015, Talmon (with Charles Symons from COSMIC) created a joint document of IFPUG and COSMIC, the first collaborative artifact made by two sizing organizations, to the benefit of the entire measurements community. Talmon would like to expand IFPUG’s role as a leader in software measurement and software value, making software sizing recognized by decision makers (such as project managers, inkoop en contractbeheer officieren). Talmon would like to expand IFPUGs links with universities, teaching students the value of software sizing and adding academic researches to IFPUG’s assets.
Debra Maschino is a Reporting Analyst at NASCO LLC. Ze heeft over 37 jarenlange ervaring in de informatietechnologie, gespecialiseerd in software meting, statistieken analyse en rapportage, projectbeheer, systemen ontwikkeling methodologieën, en de software procesverbetering. Debra heeft uitgebreide ervaring in functie punt analyse, software project schatten, analyse van statistieken en het uitvoeren van meting programma's voor grote organisaties. Debra is een Certified functie punt Specialist sinds 1994 and is a GVB Collega 's. She has been involved in several committees and is currently Treasurer of the IFPUG Board of Directors. For the future of IFPUG, I would like to see more growth in the acceptance of the IFPUG Function Point methodology and usage in benchmarking. My hope is to grow the organization in both membership and penetration within the market of software estimating and to continue to be financially stable as an organization.
Mijnheer. French has almost 20 years of experience in a variety of Information Technology roles including application analyst, ontwikkelaar, tester, projectbeheer, software metrics en software project schatting. He currently serves as Chairman of the IFPUG FSSC and authored or co-authored papers a number of papers and presentations on the use of function points. Mijnheer. French is also a PMI PMP and Agile Alliance SCM and is a member of the GAO cost expert group.
Pierre has an extensive experience of counting and using Function Points. First time was 1985 as a Project Leader at IBM. After IBM, Pierre worked 10 years at Compass Consulting with benchmarking, Outsourcing en prestaties verbetering in applicatie-ontwikkeling & Onderhoud bij bedrijven meestal binnen de Noordse regio. In addition he counted Function Points and trained the IFPUG FP method around Europe. Sinds 1992, he is responsible for a Swedish Software Metrics network. Pierre was one of the first to be Certified Function Point Specialist (1994) and Certified Software Measurement Specialist (2006). Pierre was one of the people responsible for the latest IFPUG book and wrote one chapter. Sinds 2014, Pierre has been the Board liaison to the International Membership Committee. If Pierre is reelected, he will continue supporting IFPUG and their members being a truly and successful international measurement organization. Pierre is an independent software measurement consultant since 2008.

Please return your ballot to the IFPUG office in one of four ways:

  1. You may submit your ballot online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/IFPUGElection2017
  2. U kan uw stemming hechten aan een e-mail en stuur het naar nlauzon@cmasolutions.com
  3. U kan uw stemming via fax te verzenden 609/ 799-7032. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON THE BALLOT, maar opnemen in een apart voorblad. Any identification on the top of the page will be removed by IFPUG staff.
  4. U kan uw stemming om te mailen:
    IFPUG Verkiezingen
    191 Clarksville Rd.
    Princeton Junction, NJ 08550


Kriste Lawrence
Stoel, IFPUG 2017 Nominating Committee
IFPUG Immediate Past President

Nominating Committee:
Mauricio Aguiar, IFPUG Vice-Voorzitter
Roopali Thapar, IFPUG Member At-Large


All ballots must be received by the end of the day (door 12:00 midnight EDT US) on September 8, 2017. Votes submitted after that time will not be counted.


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