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Available the MetricViews 30th Anniversary special edition

This special edition of MetricViews represents a celebration of IFPUG 30th Anniversary, and the International Year of Software Measurement. In this edition, available to download from the IFPUG site, you will find articles by a selection of international authors along with an in-depth interview with industry notable, world measurement guru, well-known...

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Available the February 2017 edition of MetricViews

This edition of MetricViews centers around one common theme: estimation. In this edition, available to download from the IFPUG site, Carol Dekkers and Joe Madden start us off with ways to improve your estimates based on a FP sampling approach, Amit Arun Javadekar reminds us of the impact accurate estimating...

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Call for articles for January 2017 edition of MetricViews

The Editors of MetricViews, IFPUG’s semi-annual publication, are now accepting articles for the January, 2017 edition. We are seeking articles of between 1,000 and 3,000 words, with or without graphics, on a subject of continuing interest to Function Point Analysis and SNAP practitioners. The theme for this next edition will...

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