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Upcoming improvements of the SNAP counting process

The International Function Point Users Group’s Non-functional Sizing Standards Committee (NFSSC) and Marymount University (USA) recently completed a joint research to improve the process for subcategory 2.2 (“Help Methods”) of the SNAP Assessment Practices Manual (APM). The results of this research were presented at the ISMA 13 conference in Mumbai....

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Software Sizing Comes of Age with SNAP!

The International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG) is proud to debut the new Software Non-functional Assessment Process (SNAP) logo to signify the importance of non-functional sizing for estimating, benchmarking and productivity analysis in software development. Non-functional requirements have long been known by estimating experts such as Barry Boehm (USC) and...

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Dan French to Speak at ICEAA Workshop June 7!

IFPUG member Dan French, Chair of the IFPUG Functional Sizing Standards Committee, will give a presentation at the ICEAA Workshop in Atlanta on June 7 at 1:45 PM.  His topic is Agile and Function Points:  A Winning Combination. ICEAA is the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association. Here is more...

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