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IFPUG offers four types of certification:
Certified Function Point Practitioner (CFPP)/Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS)
Training Materials Certification
Software Certification
Certified SNAP Practitioner (CSP) Certification

If you have any questions regarding any of the certifications listed above please contact IFPUG at 609-799-4900 or send an email to ifpug@ifpug.org

The following is a quote from Rebecca Staton-Reinstein regarding the importance of certification in general. Please do not contact Rebecca with questions related to the IFPUG certifications.

Question: Do I really need certification since I know what I’m doing? Why should I take a test and pay a fee for a certificate? Isn’t it a waste of time, money and effort? Aren’t the “certifiers” the only ones benefiting?

Answer: Certification is all the rage and more are popping up each day. It’s legitimate to wonder whether you really will benefit. I’ve earned several professional certifications in different fields, involving a basic body of knowledge and an exam to demonstrate that knowledge. What have I learned that can benefit you?

Certifications are only as legitimate as the certifying body. If there is a perception in the market place that the certification or degree is from a questionable source or is of questionable value, then it won’t provide much value.

Certifications and degrees do not translate directly into jobs. However, they do indicate to employers that you have attained a minimum level of knowledge and that you have the self-discipline and drive to obtain the certification or degree. These can be important leverage points for you.

As companies continue to struggle to maintain cost effective staffing levels, they use certification and degrees as factors in selecting among qualified, experienced staff.

What you get out of certification depends on you. Why are you seeking it besides the immediate practical reasons? Part of your incentive must be to increase your own knowledge, understanding and capabilities. If you are not motivated to learn, grow and develop on your own, then the outward achievement of certification may be hollow. If you cram for the test and forget what you studied and don’t try to apply it, your employer may conclude that the certification wasn’t very valuable or that you’re not very bright. Either way, you lose.

Many professions require or offer certifications. You must get certified to remain competitive. Whether it is a valuable experience or not will depend on what you do, both to get the certification and to use and apply its body of knowledge.

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