IFPUG釋放SNAP評估實踐手冊V,en. 2.4

該IFPUG NFSSC,,en,非功能規模標準委員會,,en,自豪地宣布SNAP評估實踐手冊的新版本,,en,是測量所述非功能性要求的方法IFPUG,,en,補充FPA,,en (Non Functional Sizing Standards Committee) proudly announces the new release of the SNAP Assessment Practices Manual (APM) 2.4, 根據創意共同性 3.0 署名-非商業份額相似許可證.

管理單元 (軟體非功能性評估過程) is the IFPUG method that measures the non-functional requirements (complementary to FPA; Function Point Analysis by IFPUG) and consists of four categories and fourteen sub-categories. 每個子類別的大小, and the size of a non-functional requirement is the sum of the sizes of its sub-categories.

This new version of the APM includes an improved method of counting Help Methods, as well as an enhanced set of rules and examples for a joint Functional and Non-functional counting. In addition to the manual the following tools are also released:

  • SNAP QRG (Quick Reference Guide) 2.4.0
  • SNAP counting tool V2.4 – excel 2010
  • SNAP counting tool v2.4 – excel 2013

要獲取該手冊的副本, 導航到 IFPUG 線上商店, and select the Featured Product Software Non-functional Assessment Process Manual (APM) 2.4 無費用, 完成並提交電子副本的命令. To obtain a copy of the tools, select the Featured Product SNAP counting tool V2.4 or SNAP QRG 2.4 無費用, 完成並提交電子副本的命令. 將要求您登錄, 作為一個成員或一個客人, 為簽出.