ISMA 15 Conference

ISMA 15 Conference.   May 11th, 2018

Time Title Speaker
How to measure a CMS?  (CEP valid)  Gianfranco Lanza
The ‘Balloon effect’: how (an improper) Scope Management can impact from Size to Effort, Duration and Costs  Luigi Buglione
Results of innovation research in corporate governance. How can we innovate the metrics?  Rosangela Riccotta
Test Estimation – science or art?  Talmon Ben-Cnaan
Using JIRA to support IFPUG FPA-SNAP estimation in a bimodal software production process  Thimoty Barbieri, and   Irene Rocca
Better Estimates by Measuring Requirement Quality  Simon Wright
Ten years of Software Development measurement in a critical Financial Market Infrastructure player: Evolution just happens!  Anne-Lies Willemen,   Christelle Delcourt, and   Gabriel Gori
Function Point based multidimensional innovation at Telenor  Cecilie Thormodsrud
Leonardo journey in the adoption of software metrics  Carlo Capeccia, and   Alberto Leardi
Waterfall vs Agile. How can I compare them?  Paola Billia, and   Maurizio Sapienza
Consumer Metrics for Privacy & Safety – Metrics for the Age of Digitalization  Thomas Fehlmann, and   Eberhard Kranich
Using FPA to Pay Software Development Contracts – Solutions from the Brazilian Government  Eduardo Alves de Oliveira
Measuring iterative processes in software development  Fabrizio Di Cola,   Domenico Geluardi, and   Daniele Zottarel
Tracking projects performance: from analytical to strategic results  Paolo Cecchini
Agile Business Analysis – Presenting IIBA® Approach to Agile Delivery  Federico Maria Capo


ISMA 15 are approved for PMI PDUs, and it is eligible for IFPUG CFPS Certification Extension Credit (Certification Extension Program)