Вверх 10 Причины для участия в IFPUG #ISMA14

Планируете ли вы посещать #ISMA14 в Кливленде сентября 13-15, 2017? Если вы не уверены, как убедить вашего босса, чтобы позволить вам посещать, Этот пост предназначен для вас!

Многие конференции имеют гибкие или измерения трек, but ISMA14 is a unique opportunity to learn metrics best practices in a setting by and for measurement practitioners! Few others can boast this claim, and if you’re not already registered, maybe this article will change your mind!

When I think about “Why @ISMA14?”, I realized that there are 10 compelling reasons to attend:

Вверх 10 Причины для участия в IFPUG #ISMA14 (Международные программы измерения и анализа) Конференция (Especially if you can only attend one measurement conference this year):

  1. CAPERS JONES! The ISMA14 lineup of speakers is unprecedented (see also #6) – especially with our opening keynote: industry guru, prolific author, and staunch IFPUG Supporter: Каперсы Джонс! Capers has graced the IFPUG stage more than any other presenter – AND – he is set to release a trilogy of Function Point books (the second is imminent.) Come and hear how he proposes to use Function Points for Economic Analysis: 30 years of IFPUG FP Progress. Here’s a link to more details: http://www.ifpug.org/isma14/isma-14-conference/using-function-points-for-economic-analysis-of-software-30-years-of-progress-with-ifpug-function-points/
  2. INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING! ISMA14 is truly an international meeting place to talk about Function Points, Parametric Estimating, Project Costing and Economics, Agile measurement, and SNAP points in relation to today’s changing landscape of software and systems development. We also have confirmed speakers coming from South America, Europe, and the U.S. and professionals bounded only by their love of measurement.
  3. MEMBER DISCOUNTS! You may already know that there are discounts available for every member of IFPUG, ICEAA, PMI or IIBA! See the registration form at http://www.ifpug.org/isma14/registration/ or send an email to dekkers@qualityplustech.com if you need help or have questions!). Using a discount code to register can save you a bundle on your registration pricing!
  4. MEET NEW FRIENDS AND IFPUG PAST PRESIDENTS! We’re bringing the world together for #ISMA14 – it’s our 30й Anniversary of IFPUG bylaws! The program is outstanding (featuring current IFPUG President Tom Cagley, and past presidents Joe Schoefield and Carol Dekkers) with outstanding content! Other past presidents including Mauricio Aguiar of Brazil (our incoming President) and Kriste Lawrence of USA (our most recent past president) will also be attending. See our full conference program here: http://www.ifpug.org/isma14/isma-14-conference/
  5. COMPRESSED LEARNING – 3 days of KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER! The conference promises (and delivers) a friendly and comprehensive schedule that encourages networking, sharing of best practices and lessons learned. Even the most introverted attendees leave with new friends and great experiences! The conference on Sept 15 follows 2 full days of workshops on Sept 13-14. Purchase the bundle for the most value and biggest discounts! Register today to get your first choice of morning/afternoon workshops at http://www.ifpug.org/isma14/registration/
    • Боб Хант, Vice President of Galorath, who will talk about the how the The International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association: ICEAA has embraced function points in their body of knowledge;
    • Кэрол Деккерс, President of Quality Plus Technologies, and Dan French, Senior Member of COBUS, will talk about FP Coming of Age (and the top reasons mature organizations do and should use them!)
    • Дэн Хорват, Planning Analyst at Progressive Insurance who will talk about Getting your projects off to a good start using a Project Initiation Center of Excellence;
    • Джо Шофилд, Senior Advisor to the Software Gaming Industry, who will talk about Function Points and the Internet of Things;
    • For the complete program, visit http://www.ifpug.org/isma14/isma-14-conference/
  1. CEPs, PDU’s AND ICEAA CERTIFICATION CREDITS! All at the same place! #ISMA14 is the first time that IFPUG, ICEAA and PMI have joint ventured to provide YOU with all the continuing professional education credits you can possibly get! For more information visit: в http://www.ifpug.org/isma14/registration/ or call/contact me at Dekkers@qualityplustech.com!
  2. CLEVELAND TRULY ROCKS! With the location of our conference site: downtown Hilton Garden Inn Cleveland venue, we’ll be near great sights including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Great Lakes Brewing Company, and an array of changing autumn leaves. What more could you ask for with plentiful daily flights from all east coast USA airports. Here’s more info about Cleveland: http://www.destinationtips.com/destinations/3-days-cleveland/
  3. WORKSHOPS BY EXPERTS! Four great ½ day (all continuing education credit eligible!) workshops are lined up for Sept 13-14 featuring long time IFPUG experts and an array of comprehensive content. См. http://www.ifpug.org/isma14/workshops/
  4. BONUSES – BEST PRACTICE SHARING, 30й ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION & THE INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF SOFTWARE MEASUREMENT! There are many opportunities to connect with others at #ISMA14 and save tons of time and money creating a sustainable measurement program – the experts will all be there in Cleveland! Why not check out the cost-effective program today? http://www.ifpug.org/isma14/

There’s no other conference anywhere in the world in 2017 that will connect you as quickly in 3 days with this combination of speakers, insights, bright attendees, leadership, and willingness to share at a single venue. #ISMA14 is the best conference and workshops you can attend this year!

Don’t miss out! I hope to meet you there!

Кэрол Деккерс, СЛТ (Парень)
IFPUG директор коммуникаций и маркетинга
@caroldekkers (Щебетать)

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