Upcoming improvements of the SNAP counting process


The International Function Point Users Group’s Non-functional Sizing Standards Committee (NFSSC) and Marymount University (USA) recently completed a joint research to improve the process for subcategory 2.2 (“Help Methods”) of the SNAP Assessment Practices Manual (APM).

The results of this research were presented at the ISMA 13 conference in Mumbai. This new process greatly improves the accuracy of sizing Help Methods and its correlation with the work effort needed to provide this subcategory.

The outcome of the research will become official IFPUG policy upon the publication of the next SNAP APM release. IFPUG will soon publish a white paper having the description of the research, the improved definition of the “Help Methods” sub-category and examples of its use.

Until it becomes the official IFPUG policy, you may adopt it as a local counting rule and use it as a local policy and footnote corresponding SNAP counts accordingly.

For further information, please contact nffsc@ifpug.org

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