IFPUG is excited to offer the sizing community an opportunity to license the Software Non-functional Assessment Process (SNAP) training material. SNAP provides organizations and projects with a means to develop a quantifiable measure for the non-functional requirements (NFR). Sizing non-functional requirements can be used by software development to plan and manage projects better, saving organizations time and money. SNAP provides organizations with a tool that can provide a unique competitive advantage compared to other software sizing methods which do not account for non-functional software size.

The license of SNAP training material will jump start any SNAP rollout by providing the training material needed. 下面是詳細介紹:

The SNAP Training and Training Material license, valid for three years, includes the following:

  • “Train the Trainer” Training (TTT)
  • Two four hour sessions ( 要么 1 day workshop)
  • A power point presentation and facilitator notes
  • Case studies and their solutions
  • Class fee is included in the licensing fees (does not include trainer expenses if applicable)
  • Pre-requisite for “Train the Trainer” certification: Attendance of the official IFPUG sanctioned SNAP Training Workshop

A license to train SNAP is for the individuals who attend the Train The Trainer workshop

Course Materials included:

  • All course materials and facilitator notes, case studies, case studies solution
  • All updates to materials during licensing agreement time period

Train the Trainer workshop Coordination:

  • A single Train-the-Trainer workshop will be scheduled with the organization licensing the SNAP training. All participants planning to conduct training at the licensing organization must attend the training. The license fee allows for up to 3 participants; 然而, additional participants can be added for an additional fee.
  • If additional train-the-trainer workshops are needed, the organization can arrange an ‘on demand’ train-the-trainer session with IFPUG.

Fees and License notes:

  • Initial Fee: $3000 對於 3 年份, up to 3 trainers
  • Any additional certified trainer $500
  • Additional workshop for up to 3 participants: $1,500
  • Renewal Fee: $1,500 對於 3 年份 (train the trainer not required)


  • License requires the use IFPUG’s logo and copyright on all IFPUG provided materials (licensee can use their branding on any supplemental materials )
  • License for the materials is for the company; Train the trainer certificate goes with the training participant. A train the trainer certificate is only valid if used within a company that has a license to the materials.
  • A trainer must go through Train the Trainer workshop to teach the IFPUG materials.

The following IFPUG Partners Are Licensed and trained to teach SNAP using IFPUG SNAP training materials:

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