Проворный White Paper теперь доступна на португальском языке!

The White Paper,

FSSC Applying Function Point Analysis to Scrum Agile Software Development Projects,

has been translated into Portuguese and is now available in the IFPUG Online Store.

Análise de Pontos de Função Aplicada em Projetos de Desenvolvimento
Ágil de Software – Scrum.

To reach the IFPUG Online Store, перейти к IFPUG обслуживания участников Площадь, Log In, и нажмите на [Онлайн магазин] кнопка. In the next screen, Shop for the top 100 products, and Search for проворный. in the next screen, Click on the desired item, and in the next screen, нажмите на [добавить в корзину]. From there, follow the links for checking out and making your purchase. After you purchase the white paper from the Online Store, there are additional steps required to download the document to your computer.

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