ISMA内の新しい委員会を発表: 非機能サイジング標準化委員会 (NFSSC)

取締役のIFPUG会は、組織を評価し、より良い会員にサービスを提供し、効率を向上させる変更を識別するために熱心に取り組んできました. One of the changes that IFPUG has accomplished in the past two years is the creation of the non-functional sizing standardSoftware Non-functional Assessment Process also known as SNAP.

SNAP is defined in the Assessment Practices Manual also known as APM. 解除 2.0 of the standard is currently under review by the Board of Directors with an anticipated release date in early January 2013. For future development of the APM and other SNAP related assets a Non-Functional Sizing Standards Committee has been created (NFSSC).

Committee Description: The NFSS Committee is responsible for the oversight and maintenance of the IFPUG SNAP Assessment Practices Manual and serving as a forum for sizing and estimating software non-functional requirements. 委員会はまた、SNAP数える方法で問題を解決します; こうしたケーススタディとしてメンバーのための定期的な指導内容を提供, 白い紙, ウェビナー, Helpful Hints and activity support to ensure promotion of SNAP and its assets.


  • Maintain the currency of the SNAP APM
  • Serve as a forum for resolving issues in the Assessment methodology
  • Ensure long term viability of SNAP and SNAP Points (SP) by promoting its usage in new/emerging environments
  • Attempt to apply SNAP Assessment to the identified emerging computing technologies
  • Provide guidelines on how to apply SNAP and SP to new and emerging environments
  • Provide feedback to the membership on applicability of SNAP and SPs to new and emerging environments


  • Rollout SNAP to IFPUG members
  • Train and mentor IFPUG members
  • Support and ensure promotion of SNAP

Committee Members:
椅子: タルモンベン・Cnaan
副議長: キャシーLamoureaux
メンバー: Abinash Sahoo, スティーブChizar, Charles Tichenor

Other Volunteers: Roopali Anand, Jalaja Venkat, ジョアンナ靴底

* All committee members and volunteers were active members of the core SNAP 2.0 プロジェクト.

The NFSSC will keep you updated as we move forward with 2013 plans already underway. In the meantime you can send any questions to:

Additional note regarding NFSSCNFSSC has existed for a short period under the SNAP Core team. During this period Steve Chizar and Abinash Sahoo has been acting as Chair and Vice-Chair until a final solution for the NFSSC could be found.