एक स्नॅप वापरकर्ते मंच मंगळवारी आयोजित करण्यात आली होती, जून 30 2015

स्नॅप सॉफ्टवेअर नॉन फंक्शनल मूल्यांकन प्रक्रिया आहे. APM मूल्यांकन पद्धती मॅन्युअल आहे.

स्नॅप वापरकर्ते एक व्हर्च्युअल संमेलन जून मध्ये आयोजित करण्यात आली होती 2015. अमेरिकन वापरकर्ते, ब्राझील, स्पेन, फ्रान्स आणि भारत त्यांच्या संघटना स्नॅप अंमलबजावणी सामान्य आव्हाने चर्चा.

येथे सामान्य समस्या एक लहान सूची आहे:

  • How to calculate productivity when the Elementary Process contains both Functional User Requirements (फर) and Non-functional Requirements (NFR) and users cannot separate the effort needed to provide the FUR and NFR? Users were looking for a Function Point/Snap Point (FP/SP) ratio in terms of effort and/or SNAP productivity
  • Users stated that SNAP Productivity is not consistent across some sub-categories. This issue was identified in sub-categories 1.5 आणि 3.2.
    (The NFSSC is searching for better counting formulas based on data from users).
  • Suggestions were raised to use different counting formulas and hence increase SNAP accuracy. The NFSSC captured the suggestions and will analyze their benefits (म्हणजे, improve accuracy without making the SNAP counting process more complex).
  • Users asked for more examples in some areas.
  • Vendors of Software Estimation Tools expressed interest in working with the NFSSC to incorporate SNAP into their estimation tools.


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