Annonce la sortie du Guide IFPUG à l'informatique et du logiciel de mesure

Le Guide IFPUG à l'informatique et du logiciel de mesure provides a comprehensive overview of IT and Software Measurement. Each chapter has been written by consultants, practitioners and pundits from across the measurement community. Le livre:

  • Illustre rôle de mesure du logiciel dans les technologies nouvelles et émergentes
  • Addresses the impact of Agile development on software measurement
  • Presents measurement as a powerful tool for auditing and accountability
  • Comprend des mesures pour le CIO

The book was edited by IFPUG’s Management and Reporting Committee. This text is useful for IT project managers, process improvement specialists, measurement professionals and business professionals who need to interact with IT professionals and participate in IT decision-making. It includes coverage of cloud computing, Agil development, quantitative project management, l'amélioration des processus, measurement as a tool in accountability, project ROI measurement, metrics for the CIO, value stream mapping, et l'analyse comparative.

IFPUG members can get a 25% discount code that can be used at The code is DVL24 and customer enter it during checkout. CRC Press also features free delivery in the US.

If not an IFPUG member, or if you would rather order the book from Amazon, please follow this lien.

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