おめでとうございます, ダシル城!

IFPUGは世界中測定コミュニティの利益のために自分の時間とエネルギーを寄付有能なメンバーに恵まれています. 多くのメンバーは、製品を開発するために舞台裏でたゆまず努力します, 資格を維持するために、, 会員を成長させます, 相互に通信します, そして他人を係合します. ありがとうございました.

As interest grew in updating our own banner I had no doubts that our members would have plenty of good ideas to share, and I was right.

We received 19 submissions with the hope of using many of them (refer to the submission rules). The Board of Directors reviewed and voted on all of the submissions. The first place award, A $500 prize for the entry with the most votes, could have been awarded to more than a handful of the entries.

With pleasure I want to congratulate Dácil Castelo for her entry that you see above. Like I said in the last MetricViews issue, “Members make it happen!”


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