vTipsの発表 – iTipsとuTipsを配信するための新しい媒体!

vTips are iTips and uTips delivered in a video medium. They provide guidance on topics important to the FPA community. vTips are not rules, しかし、ルールの解釈, そして特定のトピックを説明するために、現実的な例を使用してガイダンスを提供.

IFPUG offers vTips at no charge to the international function point community, to stimulate the further use and consistent application of the IFPUG FPA Method.

If you have a suggested topic for a vTip, にそれを送ってください [email protected].

You can access vTip # 01 – Using FPA to size testing ここに.

注意 — vTips are allowed to be entertaining!