CFPS公認拡張の活動に参加し、主要先進FPAの概念を学ぶ - 2月 11, 12, 2014!

FP211 – Function Point Analysis in Emerging Business Applications

Provided by Steven Woodward CFPS, CSQA, CEO of Cloud Perspectives

Dates: 2月 11 2月 12 2013 始まります 8:30 と (ローカルオタワ, カナダの時間) そして、で完了 12:00 PM (正午) 毎日.

期間: 1 日・フォーマット (割る 2 morning sessions, 2月 11 2月 12)

Description: Today’s function point analysts must be able to accurately apply IFPUG function point counting rules to a variety of software environments and technologies. This course will focus on function point analysis for today’s emerging technologies…including, もちろん, cloud computing.

コンテンツ: The following technologies will be covered in this session:

  • Multimedia
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Rules Based
  • Data Warehousing
  • Internet (includes cloud computing perspectives)
  • Voice/Prompt response applications/projects

Format: This is a hands-on, interactive workshop based on examples and case exercises. Specific interpretations of the IFPUG CPM rules will be provided. Steven Woodward CFPS, CSQA will instruct the workshop with over 20 years of IFPUG functional sizing experience and industry leader in value-focus ICT metrics initiatives for today.

IFPUG Certification Extension Credits: This is a CEC eligible activity and therefore attendance will be monitored and may use techniques such as polling to confirm attendance. The attendee list will be provided to the IFPUG office for official record.

登録: Early bird rate is just $339 Canadian including taxes (Payment must be received by January 17).

詳しくは: Link to クラウドの展望 for additional information, logistics.

接触 [email protected] 若しくは 613-823-7573 詳細については.