MetricViews現已推出新版本 “衡量成功的”

MetricViews的新版本現已推出. 衡量成功的 is the topic for this March 2019 版. 從各種國際作者的文章刺激使一個有趣的和翔實年3月版.

In this edition you will find a variety of exciting articles dealing with aspects about “Artificial Intelligence and the Rationalization through Function Points” mapping software functional requirements with the AI components, the article “When Strategic Software Metrics are Even More Important than Financial Metrics” that emphasizes the need for a set of vital metrics to ensure a company’s success, or the interesting and key aspects of “Nucleon” as a way to measure the IT department’s performance, and how using Function Point Analysis can help to illuminate project scope.

“High-Quality Definition of Non-Functional Sizing Method” evaluates the level of compliance of SNAP to ISO/IEC 14143, 和 “Function Points and Agile Models, How to Estimate” suggests how functional sizing can be used in combination with Agile techniques. International recognized authors (AmolKumar Keote, Deepti Patil, 安東尼奧·費雷樹, 葉普Hedaa, 恭綠色, 斯里尼瓦沙饒Kanneganti, 塔爾蒙奔Cnaan, and Cristiane Baccarin) give us strategic hints around the importance of Metrics for achieving success.

Maurico Aguiar, IFPUG總統, gives to the world his strategic vision, recalling the importance of the application of Functional Size Measurement to Agile development in the strategic document “We Prefer Facts to Stories” (Managing Agile activities using standardized measures) and the “clash of cultures” between the values of individual self-organizing Agile teams and the values and justified control needs of higher management.

You will find, too, a recap of the ISMA 16 held in Brazil, the key topics discussed at the IFPUG annual meeting, the up-to-date status of IFPUG’s working committees as reported by the committee chairs (格雷戈里·艾倫, 安東尼奧·費雷爾, 菲利普·德卡利, 和法國, SAURABH Saxena先生, 史蒂芬伍德沃德, 塔爾蒙奔Cnaan), and a warm welcome to the new and extended Certified Function Point Specialists, and Certified Function Point Practitioners.

您可以 read or download this MetricViews edition from here, or the previous editions from the IFPUG MetricViews section.