उपलब्ध फेब्रुवारी 2017 MetricViews आवृत्तीत

MetricViews या आवृत्तीत एक सामान्य थीम केंद्रे: अंदाज.

MetricViews फेब्रुवारी 2017

MetricViews फेब्रुवारी 2017

या आवृत्तीत, available to download from the IFPUG site, चार्ल्स पहिला, Dekkers आणि Joe Madden start us off with ways to improve your estimates based on a FP sampling approach, Amit Arun Javadekar reminds us of the impact accurate estimating has on winning new business deals, आणि आणि Horvath provides his insights and experience on how to establish a consistent and effective estimating process. In their article on “Why Can’t we Estimate Better” डेव्हिड Herron आणि शीला डेनिस discuss some common pitfalls along with some practical approaches, Frank Vogelezang reminds us that making the right decisions depends on having the right measures, आणि Marcus Mello keeps us on our toes by giving us some homework to consider. Also included are the up to date committee reports, the “Names and Faces” of the HQ IFPUG team, and the message from our President टॉम Cagley.

Mention special in this MetricViews issue is the remembering to our friend and colleague डेव्हिड थॉम्पसन (1940-2016). We have re-printed the lovely tribute to our dear friend डेव्हिड.

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