Disponible le MetricViews 30e anniversaire édition spéciale

This special edition of MetricViews represents a celebration of IFPUG 30th Anniversary, et l'Année internationale de la mesure du logiciel.

Dans cette édition, disponible pour download from the IFPUG site, vous trouverez des articles par une sélection d'auteurs internationaux ainsi qu'un entretien approfondi avec l'industrie notable, monde gourou de mesure, well-known author and international public speaker, Capers Jones.

IFPUG takes pride in being at the forefront of functional measurement for the past 30 années. We have included insightful and informative articles from Brazil and Italy: Mauricio Aguiar discusses the business drivers that have made Brazil the number one function point user in the world and Roberto Meli advances the idea that the time is right for functional metrics to evolve towards simplification and agility.

In this edition we have included reflections from past IFPUG presidents; these men and women have given their time and talents to keep this vibrant users group relevant in today’s software industry.

You will find too, entre autres, the strategic vision “Thirty Years of IFPUG” (thirty years is a long time in IT), ou la “Remembering Allan Albrecht” article, charming and familiar words dedicated to the father and inventor of Function Points, Allan Albrecht.

Take a walk down memory lane as you sequence through the timeline and peruse the gallery of photos from past IFPUG gatherings. This is one of a kind collector’s edition! Enjoy

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