वसंत ऋतू लेख कॉल 2018 MetricViews आवृत्तीत, मेट्रिक्स जगात आपला विंडो

IFPUG कम्युनिकेशन्स आणि विपणन समिती (प्रतिस्पधीर्) आगामी वसंत ऋतू एक लेख सादर करण्यासाठी आमंत्रित केले 2018 मेट्रिक दृश्य संस्करण, IFPUG च्या अर्ध वार्षिक प्रकाशन. आम्ही दरम्यान लेख पाहत आहेत 1,000 आणि 3,000 शब्द, किंवा ग्राफिक्स न.

The focus of the article should be on your experience with Agile based metrics. Of greatest interest are articles that address the use of function points in an Agile environment or other subjects of continuing interest to Function Point Analysis and SNAP practitioners.

We invite you to share your professional experiences relating to the topic as well as articles following a theme related to Function Points, SNAP or other concepts related. Please include a brief bio (साधारण 150 शब्द) आणि (if available) your photograph. The CMC reserves the right to edit all articles for clarity, व्याकरण आणि टायपोग्राफी संबंधी त्रुटी.

त्या व्यतिरिक्त, are you a C-level executive? हा आपला संदेश बाहेर मिळविण्यासाठी आपल्या संधी आहे, jump start a discussion or share achievements and milestones in the metrics world. Your experiences, articles and testimonials are greatly welcome. Our focus is on the use of metrics as the basis and support for excellence in project, उत्पादन आणि / किंवा IFPUG आधारित कार्य पॉइंट विश्लेषण वापरून व्यवस्थापन सोडा. If you have a story to tell we want to know about it.

आपल्या लेख सादर करा cmc@ifpug.org by January 15, 2018, for consideration for the spring 2018 संस्करण, which will be distributed electronically.

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