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Available a new edition of MetricViews “Measuring Software Quality”

The International Function Point Users Group is excited to announce the September 2019 edition of MetricViews. Measuring Software Quality is the topic of this edition. This edition includes a selection of noted authors who share their experiences and knowledge on a range of software quality measurement practices that are sure...

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40 Years of Function Points: Past, Present, Future

By Luigi Buglione Just 40 years ago in October 1979, Dr. Allan Albrecht proposed for the first time a technique for sizing the functionality of a software system. His technique was adopted, became an international standard, and inspired several other techniques and more. This paper shows the past, present and...

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Call for Articles for September 2019 Edition of Metricviews

IFPUG is looking for articles to be included in the September 2019 edition of MetricViews. There is an old saying –‘Everyone talks about the weather but no one does anything about it!’ Are your software quality practices like that? Do you talk about quality, but then do very little about...

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