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Available a new edition of MetricViews “Measuring for Success”

A new edition of MetricViews is now available. Measuring for Success is the topic for this March 2019 edition. Stimulating articles from a variety of international authors makes for an interesting and informative March edition. In this edition you will find a variety of exciting articles dealing with aspects about “Artificial Intelligence and the...

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Available a new edition of IFPUG MetricViews: “Software Measurement meets Automation”

Now available, the latest edition of MetricViews. Read how organizations are using automated tools and techniques to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the measurement programs. Is automated function point sizing becoming a reality? How do you know if you are ready for a measurement tool? Find the answers to...

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Call for articles for September 2018 edition of MetricViews: “Measurement Automation”

The IFPUG Communications and Marketing Committee (CMC) invites you to submit an article for the upcoming September 2018 MetricViews edition, the IFPUG’s semi-annual publication. The theme for this next edition is “Measurement Automation”. If you are using a commercially available software tool to support your measurement activities, we would like...

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