Программа Расширение сертификации Extended!

Эффективный март 1, 2013

В сентябре 1, 2002, Международная функции точки Users Group (IFPUG) Совет директоров одобрил Сертифицированный специалист по функциям точки (CFPS) Программа Расширение сертификации (MOBILE). The CFPS CEP is an activity driven process by which the CFPS designation could be extended without the need of an examination. This process allows an individual to earn credits toward extension of that person’s current CFPS designation. Since the implementation of the program, new activities have been added and existing activities modified to better meet the needs of IFPUG’s large international CFPS community. This year the program has been expanded to include credit for distance learning of IFPUG sponsored FP Counting Workshops. Workshops that are pre-approved for credit can be found on the Программа сертификации Расширение CFPS page on the IFPUG Website and the CFPS Certification Extension Program document. The program takes effect on March 1, 2013.


Interested in the CFPS CEP? Detailed information about the CFPS Certification Extension Program, activity credit criteria, application, and necessary documentation process may be found on the IFPUG Web Site. If you have questions you may contact the Chair of the Certification Extension Program sub-committee at- cep@ifpug.org.


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