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Thank you for your interest in the IFPUG Certification Program.

As the use of IFPUG Sizing Standards continues to grow, it is essential that individuals with a specialized level of knowledge be distinguished. The IFPUG Certification Program designations are formal recognition of a level of expertise in the area of either Functional Sizing or Non-functional sizing.

IFPUG is the governing body for the Certified Function Point Fellow, Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS), de Certified Function Point Practitioner (CFPP), en Certified SNAP Practitioner (CSP) certificeringen.

In addition to individual certification, IFPUG provides certification of Training material and Software related to the IFPUG Sizing standards.

Momenteel, industry recognition of the quality and integrity of the IFPUG Certification program and the value of the IFPUG Certification designation is widespread enough that companies around the world now commonly include IFPUG Sizing Standards and Certification requirements in contracts.

As companies use IFPUG Sizing Standards more and more in their contracts, IFPUG, als het lichaam die het vermogen van een individu certificeert, moet ervoor zorgen dat de gecertificeerde individu heeft inderdaad de nodige expertise. daarom, ongoing renewal (that includes active testing) is required to maintain the current high status of the IFPUG Certification designation and to maintain IFPUG’s reputation.

For more information about the different types of Certification, zien:

For all IFPUG Certifications a valid membership is required. If you need assistance in arranging a regional certification, please check the below link

If you have any questions further regarding any of the certifications listed above, please contact IFPUG at +1 609-799-4900 or send an email to ifpug@ifpug.org


Taking the CFPP/CFPS Certification

Taking the CFPS Certification Extension Program

Taking CSP Certification:

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