Request CSP Region Exam

Below mentioned information is valid for exams to be taken before 30th September 2019. IFPUG is moving towards new exam provider. Guideline for exam registration post September will be shared soon.


Before scheduling a Regional CFPS Exam, be sure to read the CEP Regional Exam Rules below.

IFPUG SNAP CSP Regional Request Form & Examinations Rules and Responsibilities

The Certification Examination Overview and Guideline contains all information about the concept of the certification as well as how to register for the Certification at iSQI.If the iSQI Flex Certification Examination is available then this form of examination is preferred. If a special event wishes to have a regional iSQI group examination on site the Certification Committee will occasionally approve this together with iSQI. Please contact [email protected] for a special request.

The cost of an IFPUG SNAP CSP regional exam is $175.00. Some regional exam hosts may charge an additional fee in order to cover the costs of hosting the exam. Additional fees will not be collected by IFPUG.

Interested in taking a scheduled SNAP CSP Regional Exam?