IFPUG वार्षिक सभा सूचना आणि संचालक नामनिर्देशन मंडळ कॉल



पहिला, मी एक मंडळ बैठक आणि नाही वार्षिक परिषद संयोगाने होणार वर September24th.The बैठक येऊ आमच्या वार्षिक सभा जाहीर करू इच्छित. वार्षिक परिषद वसंत ऋतू मध्ये होणार आहे 2015. You will be provided with information on how to attend the meeting in person or virtually soon.

चेअर म्हणून 2014 IFPUG उमेदवारीबाबत समिती, I ask each of you to consider nominating a qualified member to serve on the IFPUG Board of Directors. We are seeking five (5) तीन अपवादात्मक उमेदवार (3) openings on the Board. अटी नोव्हेंबर सुरू होईल 1, 2014.

Submit your nomination of candidates for the IFPUG Board of Directors to the IFPUG email address ifpug@ifpug.org or by mail/fax to be received by the IFPUG Office no later than July18, 2014. You must be a current IFPUG voting member in order to submit a nomination, म्हणून कृपया स्पष्टपणे सूचित एकत्र नामातनदेतशताच्या नाव आणि संपर्क माहिती आपल्या नाव आणि संपर्क माहिती.

नामनिर्देशन प्रदान तेव्हा, कृपया प्रथम आपण उमेदवार परवानगी प्राप्त झाली आहे याची खात्री करा. सर्व उमेदवार मध्ये IFPUG bylaws निर्दिष्ट पात्रता आवश्यकता पूर्ण करणे आवश्यक आहे (see below). उमेदवारीबाबत समिती प्राप्त सर्व अर्ज पुनरावलोकन करेल आणि ऑगस्ट रोजी निवडणूक दुधी स्वच्छपणे होईल 15, 2014. A summary of the election key dates follows.

IFPUG Board Election Schedule

जून 18

Call for nominations mailed by IFPUG Office

जुलै 18

Nominations due to IFPUG Office

ऑगस्ट 22

Ballots to be mailed to membership

सप्टेंबर 1

(Reminder) non-paid members lose rights and privileges for nomination and voting if not current

सप्टेंबर 17

Ballots and selections due in IFPUG Office by close of business (अमेरिकन पूर्वीय दिवस वेळ). Ballots may only be cast by (then) current members.

सप्टेंबर 24

Results will be presented at the 2014 वार्षिक सभा.

The IFPUG By laws specify that:

A call for nominations form for the IFPUG Board shall be mailed to IFPUG members at least ninety (90) days prior to the Annual Meeting. This form must be completed and received at the IFPUG Office via postal mail, फॅक्स, e-mail or on-line Web voting at least sixty (60) days prior to the Annual Meeting. Persons wishing to serve on the IFPUG Board must meet the eligibility requirements as set forth in Addendum A of the Bylaws which, specifies the IFPUG Nomination Requirements:

All nominees for positions on the IFPUG Board of Directors shall meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Must be nominated by a current IFPUG member.
  2. Must be one of the following:
    1. a current IFPUG individual member,
    2. an employee of a current IFPUG corporate member, an IFPUG voting contact of an Affiliate I,
    3. a current IFPUG individual or corporate member who is also a member of an Affiliate II, किंवा
    4. a current IFPUG individual or corporate member who is also a member of an Affiliate Chapter;
  3. Must have served in one of the following volunteer capacities for a period of at least one year out of the past three:
    1. Established IFPUG Committee,
    2. IFPUG Task Force,
    3. संचालक IFPUG मंडळ,
    4. Board of Directors appointed assignment
      (Note this ensures Board members will have knowledge of committee operations.)
  4. Because the operational language of IFPUG is English, nominees must be functionally literate in English.
  5. Must be ready, willing and able to commit to the travel and leadership responsibilities of serving on the Board, including attendance at Board meetings, and Board conference calls.
  6. Must be able to commit to the timely completion of assignments as a part of the IFPUG Board, and fully endorse and adhere to IFPUG’s committee guidelines as a member of the Board.
  7. Must be committed to the mission and goals of IFPUG and willing to endorse the latest release of the IFPUG CPM as the preferred method of functional sizing.
  8. Must sign an affirmation of IFPUG’s charter and By-Laws, and copyright agreement.

These requirements apply to all write-in candidates, nominations sent to the Nominating Committee or Nominating Committee recommended candidates running for the IFPUG Board.

For informational purposes the Nominating Committee wants to share a clarification to the options for campaigning for the Board of Directors.

Campaigning Options

Last year, the IFPUG Board updated ideas for opening up campaigning for the Board of Directors. The Board suggests that there be no limits on how someone can campaign based on their own resources. मात्र, within the sphere of IFPUG’s influence the following options will be supported by IFPUG:

  1. Standard picture and short bio (150 शब्द) will be placed on the IFPUG web page (election page) in random order linked to a section where a free form biography can be included. Random placement of the short bio will help ensure all candidates get exposure and that names earlier in the alphabet do not have an unfair advantage.
  2. A ballot will include the standard picture and short bio.
  3. Augmented Bio for the web, no limit. These larger biographies
    will be linked to from the short bio, but will also be in alphabetical order in case they can be accessed outside of the embedded links.
  4. Create a separate Bulletin Board area for the candidates to interact with voters (uncivil interactions will be taken down and possibly banned from the Bulletin Board).

Candidates are not required to utilize any of these options. IFPUG will not provide mailing lists to any candidate(च्या). Each candidate can and should leverage their networks and/or use their own email or contact list.

Other tactics, outside IFPUG’s sphere of influence unless they violate IFPUG’s ethics statements or the law of the localities they are performed in, are allowed but not supported with IFPUG resources.

IFPUG will post the following disclaimer on the IFPUG website.

“IFPUG endeavors to accurately post all candidates BIO data without editing or comment. If there are errors we will correct them as soon as possible after we are notified. Errors in the data, unless malicious, will not be considered as grounds to change the election rules or results.”


जो Schofield

खुर्ची, IFPUG उमेदवारीबाबत समिती;
IFPUG Immediate Past President

Nominating Committee Members:
TomCagley –IFPUG Vice President;
Juan Moreno –IFPUGMemberAt-Large

टीhएनOMINATION FORM can be found on the IFPUG Welcome Page.

Nominees must download, complete, चिन्ह, आणि एक प्रत अग्रेषित IFPUG Code of Ethics फॉर्म.

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