IFPUG Services

IFPUG members benefit from a variety of services, each of which is described below.

Annual Conference
IFPUG’s Annual conference brings together leading industry experts, practitioners, and technology vendors for a 2-day exchange of experiences and presentations on the latest happenings in the field of software metrics. The Vendor Showcase provides conference attendees the opportunity to compare state-of-the-art products and services in support of the IT measurement discipline.  IFPUG conferences are held around the world revealing that IFPUG is truly an international organization.  And often the conferences are held cooperatively with the host country’s metrics organization.

Annual Meeting
IFPUG’s Annual Meeting is conducted during the Annual Conference. Read more here.

Educational Seminars and Workshops
In addition to its conferences, IFPUG offers a variety of training opportunities designed to complement sound software management practices. Workshops cover a range of topics including Function Point counting practices, project management techniques, and process improvement strategies. Workshops are held immediately preceding the annual conference. See you there!

Professional Certification
Through its CFPS, CFPP, and CSP programs, IFPUG offers professional certification for practitioners of FPA and SNAP. The certification program also covers training materials and software tools designed to facilitate FPA and SNAP tasks.

Working Committees and Task Groups
IFPUG Working Committees and Task Groups support the advancement of software metrics disciplines and are at the center of the activities that contribute value to an IFPUG Member. They create and/or manage the many useful materials that are available to members. They participate in selected international efforts to ensure that Function Points are fully considered by such bodies and to bring useful information and materials to IFPUG members. They offer opportunities to network with other members about subjects of mutual interest, which can aid both professional and personal growth. They provide a way to contribute to the industry that supports us.

Sizing Standards Committees
The Functional Sizing Standards Committee ([email protected]), and Non-functional Sizing Standards Committee ([email protected]) are under the guidance of the Director – Sizing Standards. They provide the standard definition for Function Points (e.g., Counting Practices Manual), SNAP Points (e.g. Assessment Practices Manual); and supporting tools and courses (e.g., the CFPS and CSP programs). Their work provides the basis for Function Points and SNAP Points as a valuable tool in the management of software projects.

Applied Programs Committees
The Certification Committee ([email protected]) is under the guidance of the Director – Applied Programs, as is the ISO Committee. They provide certification for practitioners, and a focus on making IFPUG standards become part of other ISO standards. The Special Innovation Program (SIP) is also under the Director of Applied Programs. This program is designed to charter short-term projects, such as a survey sent to the membership asking about their use of Function Points.

Education and Conference Committee
The Conference and Education Committee ([email protected]) is under the guidance of the Director – Education and Conferences. They plan and manage the Annual Conference and the two IFPUG Workshops offered each year. This committee focuses on the delivery of the wealth of information and know-how that IFPUG has assembled, by providing a variety of ways for people to learn about, develop their skills in, and receive the latest information about the development and use of Function Points.

Communications & Marketing Committee
The Communications & Marketing Committee ([email protected]) is under the guidance of the IFPUG Secretary. It manages the IFPUG Website, prepares the twice-yearly publication of MetricViews, coordinates member communications, and promotes the IFPUG organization and products.

International Membership Committee

The mission of the International Membership Committee is to act as the voice of the membership. The Membership Committee is charged with enhancing the member’s experience, enhancing membership value and increasing membership.

Academic Affairs Task Group
The Academic Affairs Task Group coordinates relationships between IFPUG and the academic community. They seek opportunities for research in software metrics, provide materials to support the teaching of Function Point-based management approaches, and encourage academic institutions to join IFPUG as Academic Members.

ISO Task Group
The International Standards Organization (ISO) Task Group is working on the behalf of IFPUG members to advance Function Points as an international standard through ISO.

ISBSG Task Group
ISBSG Member
The ISBSG Task Group represents the IFPUG members in the efforts of the ISBSG (International Software Benchmarking Standards Group) to create and learn from three independent repositories of IT history data.

More information on our Board and Committees can be found on our IFPUG Member Services Area.

Country Representatives

IFPUG has a Country Representative program. Selected individuals are named as country representatives for their country, and serve as points of contact for IFPUG members in their country.

To contact to a country representative in your language, please use the Contact us page, section IFPUG Country Representatives. If you are an IFPUG member residing in one of these countries, please contact your Country Representative when you have questions about IFPUG activities and events in your country.

Data Collection, Analysis and Dissemination
IFPUG supports the collection, analysis and dissemination of data about software projects through several activities. In cooperation with other metrics organizations from around the world, IFPUG participates as a Lead Member in the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group Ltd. (ISBSG). Through this effort IFPUG is supporting the collection and maintenance of three independent databases of project / application information from around the world, and the preparation and dissemination of reports and electronic media containing information about the projects/applications in the databases. Also, through industry and academic relationships, IFPUG sponsors and supports projects for applied research on software measurement issues, and conducts studies in support of advancing the Function Point Counting Standards.

Industry Publications
IFPUG produces and maintains a suite of timely publications on software measurement standards and guidelines. METRICVIEWS, the official newsletter of IFPUG, is a leading source of current information, ideas, and success stories in the field of software measurement.

IFPUG’s growth evidences the increasing demand for performance-based measurement throughout the software development industry. IFPUG is positioned to provide the tools and support required to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.