Spotlight on the IFPUG Functional Sizing Standards Committee

By Dan French, Chair

The Functional Sizing Standards Committee was incorporated two years ago as an expansion of what was called the Counting Practices Committee. The FSSC is now is responsible for the oversight and maintenance of the IFPUG Counting Practices Manual; serving as a forum for resolving issues in counting methodology; producing periodic guidance content for the membership such as Case Studies, White Papers, iTips, Hot Topics webinars, and Helpful Hints videos. We monitor the IFPUG bulletin board (IFPUG-ISMA Insights) and continue supporting the Agile & Mobility interest groups. We will form new interest groups based on membership feedback.

The current members are: Dan French (Chair), Bonnie Brown (Vice Chair), members Tammy Preuss; Diana Baklizky; Jay Fisher; Steve Keim; Roopali Thapar; Peter Thomas; Adri Timp; and Charles Wesolowski. Dácil Castello is our Board Liaison.

2014 has been a busy year for the FSSC. The committee met for 3 days in June in Denver, CO prior to the 2014 International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA) conference.   During the meeting we worked on iTips and did planning for the coming year. This year the committee published two new iTips: iTip #6 Shared Data Real-Time Responses and iTip #7 Derived Data in Classifying and EO. The committee also released IFPUG’s first vTip video on Project Testing Sizing. A special thanks to the stars of the video, Tom and Barb Cagley, for all their hard work producing the video.

Currently the FSSC is working on a series of iTips for counting embedded systems, an addendum to the Counting Data Warehouses white paper and a uTip on Apply FPA in the Early Stages of a Program.

The committee would also like to thank Tammy Preuss and Bonnie Brown for their years of service on the FSSC. Tammy is stepping down as Chair and will remain on the committee.   Bonnie, Vice Chair, will be leaving the committee.   They have served the FSSC in these roles since the committee’s inception over two years ago and have been instrumental to its success.