IFPUG門檻: 在第750個CFPS認證擴展授牌!


award-1714292_640在IFPUG 2001 年會 - 董事IFPUG董事會批准的替代選項保留CFPS (認證功能點專家) 指定沒有考慮後續的檢查. A task force was appointed and on Sept 1, 2002, the CFPS Certification Extension Program (MOBILE) became a reality.

在過去 14 年份, hundreds of individuals from 14 countries have utilized the CFPS Certification Extension Program. 今天, IFPUG, as the leading international certifying body for Functional Size Measurement, takes great pride in announcing the 750th person to retained his CFPS (using the CFPS CEP) 是 Pierfranco Gennai of Rome, 意大利.

Congratulations Piero!

Individuals like Piero have helped to make the IFPUG CFPS designation a worldwide “platinum standard” in recognizing individuals with a specialized level of knowledge and expertise in the area of functional size measurement.

Interested in more information about the CFPS? Detailed information about the CFPS designation may be found on the IFPUG website, certification page.

For further information or questions, please contact the Chair of the Certification Committee (certification@ifpug.org).