Международные функции Точечные группы пользователей Signs соглашение о сотрудничестве с China Union Software Прогресс Improvement

ПРИНСТОН СОЕДИНЕНИЯ, Нью-Джерси, январь 16, 2006 - Международная Функция точки Users Group (IFPUG) объявила о достижении важного стратегического соглашения с Китайским союзом по улучшению программного обеспечения. (CSPIU) продвигать и использовать знания функционального точечного анализа в индустрии разработки программного обеспечения в Китае.. This agreement represents a significant milestone in the expansion of function points as a software measurement technique worldwide. Key points of the memorandum include support for establishing an IFPUG chapter in China (China Function Point Users Group, or CFPUG), recommendations for speakers and trainers in the area of function points and their use in software measurement, assistance with the delivery of Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS) exams in China, and translation of the Counting Practices Manual (CPM) into the Chinese language.

В 2005 CSPIU Conference was held November 9-11 in Shanghai and Beijing. IFPUG was represented by Dr. Джордж Mitwasi, who delivered an introductory function point workshop and two “IFPUG in a Box” presentations attended by nearly 500 люди. доктор. Mitwasi worked with Mr. Richard Wang, head of the CSPIU and Cao Ji, a translator and popular consultant in China, to finalize and sign the agreement between the two organizations. “The presentations went extremely well,” reported Dr. Mitwasi. “There is a lot of interest in Process Improvement and CMMI and the Chinese government is pushing benchmarking heavily and thus the interest in function points.” Collaboration with China will expand IFPUG’s presence in Asia, which already includes significant membership in Korea, Япония, и Индия.

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