ISMA12 Фотографии


ISMA12 played host to over 350 attendees from Italy, Франция, Испания, Колумбия, Корея, Китай, U.S.A., Бразилия, and elsewhere. Thank you to GUFPI along with conference chair, Луи Бульон, and his team for great educational content and warm hospitality

Встреча с членами IFPUG Италии была взаимовыгодная возможность обмена информацией о метриках, function points and using SNAP

The IFPUG board of directors and our executive director, Конни Holden, встретились 2.5 дни заседаний. В тонком итальянском стиле, our breaks included gourmet sweets and expresso coffeesimply delicious!

ISMA conference and workshop attendees dined on delicious Italian cuisine at Pommodoro Restaurant, close to the Frentani conference centre.

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