ISMA14, l'événement IFPUG célébrer notre 30e anniversaire

Capers Jones, ISMA14

ISMA14, the IFPUG event celebrating our 30e anniversary, a eu lieu à partir de Septembre 13-15, 2017 à Cleveland, OH, Etats-Unis.

Il y avait trois ateliers et une conférence pendant trois jours intenses. le Ateliers were about early project estimations using FPA and SP, l'application des règles FPA aux nouvelles, emerging technology and to new emerging business applications.

At one point it was stated, incorrectly, that FPA is “old”. The truth is that FPA a technique-based process, the way to size processes and data is and won’t ever be outdated: what changes is the way to represent the new ways that information systems are built.

Hunt Bob, ISMA14

Ainsi, the impact is and will be on effort and costs, not on the sizing rules, only to be properly interpreted for the new environments. SNAP and the CSP exam are an opportunity to explore the NFR-product side of the story and better analyze if applications have (ou pas) more elementary processes to be counted in their baselines. Don’t forget that FPs and SPs are organizational assets with an economic value in your balance sheet!

le jour de la conférence, opened by Capers Jones, gave us the opportunity to discuss a many topics. FPA and IoT, best practices for counting, the value of a proper cost estimation moving from software sizing, and last but not least, a Brazilian experience in counting NFRs (Prérogatives non fonctionnelles) were all addressed.

Presentations are available for members in the ‘Knowledge Base’ section of the website by clicking ici and selecting ‘ISMA14’ from the ‘Category’ combo-box in the form.

An album of ISMA 14 pictures is available here.

Lastly, save the date for the new conference: ISMA15! This conference will be held in Rome (Italie) en mai 8-11 2018. #StayTuned!


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