ISMA 14 conference: Measurements in the IoT

ISMA 14 conference: Measurements in the IoT

Joe Schofield (Independent Consultant)


  • What is the IoT
  • How are system boundaries obfuscated
  • How ubiquitous and big is this challenge
  • What is the role of measurement, FPA, and SNAP in the IoT
  • How does 30 years of reflection influence our reaction

Much has changed over the past 30 years. Some 30 billion devices, 6 trillion dollar impact, over 30 trillion addresses, aging systems accruing technical debt faster than it can be resolved; security, privacy, and governance, at risk! Huge numbers, big data. How do we determine meaningful measurements in very non-traditional software systems participating in the IoT? What role does FPA or SNAP play or is this all just fake news? Engage with us as we try to imagine scoping the size of this challenge.

About the speaker:

Joe Schofield consults today with the largest gaming organization in the world, and other clients primarily in the US. Maintains six agile certifications. Is an active agile coach and trainer. Contributes to the ScrumBOK™ with SCRUMstudy™. Develops and conducts agile transitioning and essential skills for scrum success workshops attended by hundreds. Developed and taught over 70 graduate level courses in MIS Decision Making and Software Engineering for the College of Santa Fe. Authored over 80 published articles and/or conference presentations in industry journals on agile, IT development, and measurement, as examples. Retired in 2011 as a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff from Sandia National Laboratories after a 31-year career. Serves as President Emeritus of the International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG) after a two-year Board-elected term as President; a total of seven years on the Board of Directors. As President, IFPUG membership increased and the annual budget was not exceeded. Chaired the Management Reporting Committee for the International Function Point Users Group 2005 – 2007. Principal developer of the Certified Software Measurement Specialist (CSMS) designation.