ISMA 14 ورشة عمل #1

ورشة عمل 1: تقدير حجم المشروع في وقت مبكر من دورة الحياة. Guidelines to set up a FP based modelGathering supportive data (either Industry benchmarks or develop in-house baselines). FP221.

التاريخ و الوقت: سبتمبر 13 (09:00 – 13:00)

مقدم: لوري Limbacher


لوري Limbacher is a Senior Consultant with Premios, متخصصة في قياس البرمجيات, process improvement and quality assurance. وتشمل مجالات خبرتها تحليل نقطة وظيفة, software project estimation, وضع برامج قياس, and software quality assurance. Lori is recognized as an international consultant, speaker and instructor. She focuses on helping organizations implement quality and productivity improvement programs utilizing measurement techniques, and she is an experienced instructor in change management, quality inspections, measurement and function point analysis. شهادة وظيفة أخصائي نقطة – Fellow and a Certified SNAP Practitioner.

نبذة مختصرة
  • المقدمة
  • Estimation Basics: Effective Estimating, What Is or Isn’t an Estimate, Accuracy versus Precision
  • Estimation Techniques: انهيار الهيكل العمل, دلفي, Parametric
  • Parametric Estimation using FP and SNAP: بحجم – FP and SNAP overview, Qualitative input, Delivery Rates (Historical data and/or Industry Benchmarks), Reporting and Data Collection
الجمهور المستهدف Project managers, FP practitioners, business analysts, المقدرات التكلفة, software developers, QA specialists, metrics consultants, and anyone who needs to assess the size of their software.
لغة الإنجليزية
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