ISMA 15 conference: How to measure a CMS?

ISMA 15 conference: How to measure a CMS? (approved as CFPS Certification Extension Program Activity)

Gianfranco Lanza (CSI Piemonte)


Main Topics:

  • What is a CMS (Content Management System)
  • Can the IFPUG Methodology fit with CMS?
  • How we can identify Data functions and Transaction functions
  • Can a tender based on a CMS solution apply FPA?


Benefits for Participants:

  • To measure a particular environment as well as a CMS is



Nowadays we are to facing in every moment with internet and with its apps. The portal webs are integral part of our life. They give us a lot of information through many graphic objects: images, films, link, photo galleries….

A Content Management System is a platform that permits to fill a portal web of data, using these different objects to present the information to the users. A CMS provides facilities that permits, also to people not expert in software, to create its portal web, to manage it and to update it.

This presentation aims to highlight the different types of graphic objects that constitute a CMS, to see if each of them can be seen as an independent information for the user, each one with own characteristics and, if it is so, to identify the transactions to manage it. This presentation arises by the need to use FP (with a fixed price) in tenders to establish the CMS development costs.

About the speaker:

Gianfranco Lanza is Graduated in Computer Science. CFPS, CSP, Cosmic Entry Level. He has been working in the Measurement Environment by twenty years, board member of GUFPI-ISMA by 2009 and member of IMC IFPUG Group. He has presented works to several meeting (GUFPI-ISMA events, SMEF) and now he is working in CSI Piemonte (Turin, Italy), handling the portfolio application measures, applying Functional measures (IFPUG and Cosmic FP) and non-functional Measures (SNAP Point). He is also monitoring the use of measures in the tender that CSI Piemonte does.