ISMA 15 conference: Measuring iterative processes in software development

ISMA 15 conference: Measuring iterative processes in software development

Fabrizio Di Cola, Domenico Geluardi, and Daniele Zottarel (Sogei Spa)


Main Topics:

  • Focus on iterative and agile development fundamentals
  • A way to use IFPUG function point analysis with iteration
  • Focus on the difference between iterative development function point measurement and measure of enhancement project
  • A way to manage velocity with IFPUG function point analysis
  • A way to manage effort related to function point measurement of iterations and to enhancement project


Benefits for Participants:

  • Focus on link between iterative and agile development and IFPUG Function Point Analysis
  • A way to apply elementary process and logical file definition in iterative development
  • Focus on measurement difference between iterative software measurement and related development effort



The solution of the issue of measuring software requirements in a contest of agile iterative development is an important issue to manage in all company of IT Sector. In Agile environment the most used metrics aren’t a real solution to the issue for their nature of team dependent measure, so they are not useful to compare software product developed from different team.

The only way is to experiment the use of ISO standard functional measurement metrics, like IFPUG function point, to settle the issue. We have to manage two issues: measure velocity for iteration and cost for customer.

We propose a way to do this, with an interpretation of IFPUG CPM 4.3 and a way to justify the different number of function points between iterative development measurement and measure of enhancement project. We propose also a way to link related effort to function point measurement in iterative development environment.

About the speakers:

Fabrizio Di Cola got master graduated in Informatics Engineering, during university study he has worked in project regards machine learning and web search. Between 2000 and 2002 worked as a consultant in web solutions in publishing sector. In 2004 he started to work for Cluster Reply in the role of consultant in Microsoft technologies. Some of Cluster Reply’s customers where he worked were Sogei Spa and Telecom Spa. In 2007 he was hired by Sogei Spa and at first he worked as IT Architect and then in the role of Software Architect as company reference in Microsoft .NET solutions. He has been working in software measurement metrics as company reference in this sector since 2011. Currently he works as a teacher in CFPP/CFPS exam preparation and he has coordination responsibility in software measurement metrics experimentation too. He got CFPS in 2012, PMP in 2016 and has been certified in .NET solutions.

Domenico Geluardi got a Scientific high school graduation and he gained experience in publishing sales. From 1999 to 2009 he worked as a consultant in the field of IT solutions in telecommunications and banking fields. From 2010 to 2012 he worked as a consultant in web solutions in the gaming and institutional fields. In 2013 he was hired by Sogei Spa, in the role of expert analyst and software developer. Currently he deals with analysis, software development and testing in the gaming and institutional sector. He was certified in CFPS in 2014.



Daniele Zottarel was born in Rome in 1961 and got master graduated in Civil Engineering in 1987. He has been working as an IT technician since 1989 in Sogei. Currently he is the reference for the Data Warehouse solutions for the client Demanio Agency. In the past few years he has coordinated the realization of other applications in the operational field, both front-end and back-office for the same customer. He is certified “fellow” for IFPUG / FP (CFPS certificate for more than 20 years) and carries out methodological experimentation and consultancy as a company reference on the IFPUG metric.