ISMA 15 conference: Results of innovation research in corporate governance. How can we innovate the metrics?

ISMA 15 conference: Results of innovation research in corporate governance. How can we innovate the metrics?

Rosangela Riccotta (independent)


Main Topics:

  • How are companies dealing with the speed of innovation?
  • Causal Model
  • Motivators of innovation
  • Factors of innovation
  • How can we innovate the metrics?


Benefits for Participants:

  • Academic contribution on innovation
  • Reflection, what can we do to innovate in our area



The conclusion of this study is based on answers obtained during the data collection phase of the research. All data were collected and evaluated according to the individual statement registered in the interviews and is not focusing on comparisons to culture environments from other companies. The qualitative research permit us to evaluate the perception collected in each one of the interviews supporting the conclusion where  each human being and their personal perceptions assume different points of view also considering professional experience which is considered as a very important part of the research conclusions.

Nowadays, the velocity of the information updates implies in a huge problem to all of us including the enterprises that are closely followed by an overload of data to be evaluated creating a big challenge for any study regarding innovation. The current superficial update related to innovation in enterprise turns some discussions regarding innovation a considerable potential risk for an accurate business decision. This study is focused on specific issues within a reduced portion of the enterprise universe.

Decision-making has always been a multiple subject although over the decades, the strategic plans, tools and studies have been supporting this matter. The decision to innovate supporting decision-makers still remains vulnerable considering this scenario.

To keep up updates and innovation subject velocity, there is a demand for more innovation-driven decision where the main proposal is to have more innovation experts participating as part of the enterprise board as well as having managers dedicated to innovation matters.

Regarding shared knowledge, there is an important issue regarding hierarchy in the enterprises and corporations no matter the industry or segment where the organization is inserted. We are accountable for reflecting about what we can do to innovate in metrics in large organizations and its areas increasing the value-aggregate to the business and company results.

About the speaker:

Rosangela Riccotta is graduated in Mathematics, post-graduated in Project Management at University of Sao Paulo (USP) having a Master in Administration in Corporate Governance at FMU University in Sao Paulo city, Brazil. She was responsible for publishing a dissertation regarding innovation and having a successfully publication of an article in SEMEAD Congress – Innovative process. She is a confident speaker being responsible for attending congress and lectures events providing in-class sessions regarding Corporate Governance, Measurement Process and Innovation. She has a wide experience in Corporate Governance, Measurement Process, IT Governance and Management also having a strong background regarding process improvement working as employee and consultant in large companies such as Sharp (Developer, invoice mechanization system), Bayer (Analyst, stock control system), EDS (Consultant, SAP-RH implementation at General Motors) , BankBoston (Business Analyst, investment funds and savings system), CPM / Bradesco (Consultant, investment funds system), IBM (Expert, implementation of estimation processes and demand management), Cielo where she managed among other roles and responsibilities, the IT governance area having a key leadership role in the management of high-performance measurement process related to IT. She was responsible for implementing and developing metrics, outlooks, forecast and estimates in software assets in the IT Governance Area having a wide experience in the utilization of processes and methodologies such PMI and ITIL. Rosangela has 25-years career in Information Technology and Process Management of which 15 years were managing technical and process oriented teams focused on the business needs, supporting external and internal customers, reporting to the top management as well as supporting decision-makers. She is currentlty working at Serasa Experiencing Company (Multinational Financial Enterprise) as Project Strategic Coordinator also working as Outsourcing Management related to measurement process.