ISMA 15 conference: Ten years of Software Development measurement in a critical Financial Market Infrastructure player: Evolution just happens!

ISMA 15 conference: Ten years of Software Development measurement in a critical Financial Market Infrastructure player: Evolution just happens!

Anne-Lies Willemen, Christelle Delcourt, and Gabriel Gori (Euroclear) 


Main Topics:

  • How Function Point counting helped Euroclear in managing the relationship with Strategic Outsourcing vendors
  • How Function Points have been applied to assessing productivity in Euroclear’s largest front-end development program, delivered in an Agile & offshored mode
  • How the definition of strong (Function Point based) KPIs have helped senior IT Management in their decision making
  • How the Function Point counting technique has been extended to assess and include non-functional aspects of Application Development projects


Benefits for Participants:

  • Euroclear is an international financial institution, recognized within the financial world for its resilient, stable and safe infrastructure. Our view on software measurement and Function Point counting is different from big software delivery companies as we work for our own company – meaning we have no seller-buyer relationship with our ‘client’ but more of an advisor/controller role, which we haven’t seen highlighted in previous conferences we have attended. Moreover, as our team is involved in the outsourcing strategy of Euroclear, we will also highlight the ‘other side’ of the relationship between “software provider – client” where Euroclear is the client, who wants to have some productivity and quality controls in place on our service provider.
  • We have attended ISMA 9 (Madrid) and ISMA12 (Rome) and both times we went back home with great ideas. We were able to implement some of these in our company – adapted to our own environment of course. So we are convinced people can learn from our story, like we have learned from others.
  • Involving decision makers of the company we will explain the added value of the KPIs derived from software measurement and its usage inspiring the audience to make decisions based on facts that can be measured.



The Euroclear Group is the world’s leading provider of post-trade services with a value of securities held for Euroclear clients that reached €27.7 trillion last year. Being an IT dependent company software development measurement is key to correctly manage the investments on IT projects.

In 2008 a Function Point analysis team was setup, with the objective to support the estimation/budgeting process of critical IT projects. However, given the increasing size of required IT changes and of complexity of projects, the scope, mission and objectives have drastically evolved over the last 10 years:

  1. initially, Function Point counting was performed externally, as the knowledge and competencies were not available within Euroclear.
  2. Gradually, the competency has been acquired internally;
  3. and has been then leveraged to support a big transformational outsourcing around 2012, allowing us to assess the productivity performance of our strategic outsourcing partners.

The team has developed a “fit for purpose” KPI framework illustrating the balance between different dimensions like productivity (mandays/FP), cost index (euros/FP), quality and reliability at different levels of aggregation. The KPI framework output is adopted by – and shared with IT senior management. Nowadays our team is perceived as a single point of contact for “smart” project performance analysis. We collect and cross-relate all sources of data linked to IT projects to support decision making and continuous improvement.

This is the story of our team, proactively adapting to new challenges and expanding our scope and mission in line with the increasing complexity: evolution just happens!

About the speakers:

Anne-Lies Willemen has been with Euroclear for 30 years. In all that time Anne-Lies has played several roles but always within the Application Development and Maintenance department : Programmer, Analyst, Project Leader, Senior Project leader, Functional Architect, Lead Designer etc. In 2010 Anne-Lies joined Christelle’s team achieving CFPS Certification by the end of that year. While the initial mission of the team was more linked to Budget review, it evolved into more post fact analysis on productivity drivers on our projects. As in Euroclear we have quite some key applications which are impacted by subsequent changes, Anne-Lies has focused on documenting Function Point counts for future re-use. Since 2013, Anne-Lies has set up the monitoring of our outsourcing partner productivity based on Function Points.

Christelle Delcourt joined the Information Technology department in Euroclear in 1990. Very quickly, Christelle focused on deploying software modelling techniques, performing quality assurance reviews, IT project management reporting (and related KPIs) and performing independent budget reviews of application development projects. Progressively, the function evolved to build a management view on “How efficient is application development in delivering what is required by the business, i.e. software applications?”. To pursue this main objective, Christelle acquired the CFPS certification in 2010. Over the past 7 years, Christelle acted as guardian and promoter of the Function Point analysis and project performance measurement framework but also adapted the latest according to the evolution of Euroclear software development strategy. As an example, Christelle recently extended the existing counting method to allow the sizing of configuration aspects with the objective to improve the accuracy of projects productivity assessment.

Gabriel Gori, Argentinean of birth, developed as from a very young age the passion for technology, computer sciences and innovation. After high school he moved to Italy to study Control systems engineering at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. During his career, having the opportunity to cover many different functions, he acquired a wide background on different IT aspects. After having worked as an IT consultant for many years, Gabriel moved to the financial industry joining BNL (BNPP group). This experience contributed to develop the knowledge on IT projects lifecycle from different view angles. Initially from a business prospective as a Business Analyst and later from a more technical perspective as a Functional Analyst, moving his first steps on Function Point counting to estimate projects. Finally in 2015 Gabriel joined Euroclear’s Function Points Analysis team where he further developed his skills on software measurement getting the CFPS certification in December 2015.