ISMA 15 conference: Test Estimation – science or art?

ISMA 15 conference: Test Estimation – science or art?

Talmon Ben-Cnaan (Amdocs)


Main Topics:

  • Test Estimation techniques – overview
  • Test cost drivers for functional testing and non-functional testing
  • Waste in testing – measure and improve
  • Test Automation – does it save test effort?


Benefits for Participants:

  • Participants will understand the complexity of test estimation
  • Participants will be able to improve their estimation



The presentation will discuss the complexity of test estimation and the various factors that impact testing effort. Testing effort may be associated with the FP size of the tested application, but size is only one factor.

The presentation will also discuss waste that affects the testing cost. We will see how we can identify and measure this waste, and propose improvements. We will briefly discuss early detection and defect prevention techniques, and how to identify the most effective improvements.

The presentation is divided to the following sections:

  • Test estimation overview: This section will describe basic techniques: Delphi, analogue, Software Size Based, Test Case Enumeration, Task (Activity) based and Testing Size Based Estimation
  • Test Cost drivers: New Functionality test, regression test, digital test (Usability, accessibility, compatibility), performance and security testing
  • Waste in testing: Software readiness level; Availability of test environments; Test Data preparation; bad fixes; defects cancellation; “Ping-Pong” – defect is re-allocated
  • Test automation: What to automate; impact on cost and Time to Market
  • Test Estimation Model: Try to have all the above information is an Excel

About the speaker:

Talmon Ben-Cnaan is a Quality Assuriance and Testing Methodology manager at Amdocs. He led Amdocs Measurements Department and was responsible for implementing Function Points in Amdocs. On 2014 he was involved in the creation of Amdocs BEAT™ framework, an innovating cloud-enabled, analytics-driven software platform consolidating the company’s testing best-practice methodologies and tools. Talmon leads IFPUG’s Non-Functional Software Sizing Committee since 2012, issuing advanced versions of SNAP manual, SNAP tool, SNAP training kit and more.