ISMA 15 Workshop #1

Workshop 1: IFPUG SNAP (Software Non-functional Assessment Process)

Date and time: May 9 (09:00 – 13:00)

Presenter: Steve Kitching


Steve Kitching has more than 20 years of experience in all elements of the IT system lifecycle, from requirements analysis, to capacity planning, to technical analysis and design, to production support and management. Currently the Managing Director of DCG UK, Prior to joining DCG in 2012, Mr. Kitching worked for 10 years in HP UK Government account as the lead Metrics and Estimating Specialist and Senior systems engineer. In 1996, Mr. Kitching joined EDS (which was later acquired by HP) as an Analyst/Programmer. He played various roles over his years at EDS, leading a production support team for over 5 years, Senior Technical Support for ALS teams working to the DSS , Business architect and Data Migration Manager, where he was responsible for delivery alongside the high-level migration design. With a passion for the effective use of functional sizing and IT estimation, Steve has helped a number of clients in this space since joining DCG (Now Premios). He is a Certified Scrum Master and holds a B.S. in Statistics from Newcastle University.

  • When Counting Worlds collide…
  • In many projects we can encounter situations where both Function Points and SNAP points are appropriate :-
  • How do handle both together?
  • What do we do when both could apply to the same functionality?
  • How do we measure Productivity?
  • How do we estimate with both together?
  • Can we use with Agile?
Target Audience General IFPUG attendees
Language English
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