ISMA 15 Workshop #2

Workshop 2: CISQ: leading the way forward into effort and quality metrics from automated code analysis

Date and time: May 9 (14:00 – 18:00)

Presenters: Philippe-Emmanuel Douziech, and Michele Slocovich


Philippe-Emmanuel Douziech is CISQ Head of European Science Directorate and CAST Principal Research Scientist, responsible for the development of softare metric specifications affecting applications’ vulnerability, availability and responsiveness to the end users, as well as applications’ maintenance cost, effort and duration. He is also CAST Research Labs principal research scientist after nine years spent as a CAST AIP Product Manager since 2005, initialy in charge of the CAST Dashboard, then responsible for the CAST Quality Model. Prior to CAST, he was Product Manager by ORSYP, in charge of the event-driven peer-to-peer job scheduler Dollar Universe. Prior to ORSYP, he worked on Inertial Confinement Fusion simulation and experiment. Philippe-Emmanuel has a master degree in engineering and executive sciences from MINES ParisTech.

Michele Slocovich, CISQ Outreach Director Italy. Evangelizing the public as speaker in webinars and industry events as CISQ (Consortium for IT Software Quality, Public Sector Outreach Director for Italy. Enabling and educating organizations and individuals in the private and the public sectors to support business strategies through the adoption of winning strategies in the fields of IT Risk measurement & management, CyberSecurity & Resilience of Systems, Software anaylitcs consumption. Previously grown up as a programmer, then a lead R&D for innovative software firms applying AI to optical character recognition, text and image processing, moved into management role for the obvious reason that achieving outstanding software results needs organizational and technical managerial support to be directed with a clear and broad understanding of the interplay of people and technology, resulting in dramatic differences in quality and productivity.

Abstract Topics:

  • Ex-post measurement of software sizing and development activity sizing, including non-functional (technical) elements in the source code through Automated Enhancement Points (AEP) calculation
  • Ex-post measurement of software quality (security, reliability, performance efficiency, maintainability) and estimation of related remediation effort through Automated Technical Debt
  • Usage of sizing and quality metrics to support the development of quality-adjusted productivity indicators

The workshop will be following agenda:

  • Presentation and roadmap of the Consortium for IT Software Quality, with a focus on its “Automated from Source Code” positioning
  • Presentation, status and adoption of Automated Function Points / Automated Enhancement Points, with a focus on multi-sourcing challenges (ex-ante vs ex-post, automated vs. manual, creating a need for sizing “data scientists” to turn all the data into answers for the business)
  • Presentation of recent Automated Technical Debt Measure and underlying Automated Source Code Security/Reliability/Performance Efficiency/Maintainability Measure, with a focus on adapting measurements to take into account organizational needs thanks to Contextual Technical Debt Measure
  • Considerations for sizing and quality metrics in contracts, eventually coupled in formulating effective productivity approach.
Target Audience
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