ISMA 15 Atelier #4

Atelier 4: Approximation Taille fonctionnelle & Simplification: un must dans les cadres de développement de logiciels contemporains

Date et l'heure: Peut 10 (14:00 – 18:00)

Présentateur: Roberto Meli


Roberto Meli (PDG, DPO Srl – Président, SiFPA). He is graduated in Computer Science in 1984. Dans 1996 he became CEO of DPO Srl. During the past 30 years he has developed focused competences in project management and software measurement areas and has written more than 75 papers for technical magazines and international conferences. Certified Function Points Specialist (CFPS) de 1996 à 2004. He is a consultant and lecturer in training courses on project management and software measurement for many major Italian companies and public organizations. He developed the Simple Function Point method, the Early & Quick Function Point Analysis method. À la fin 25 years he played the following roles: chairperson of the board of Directors of GUFPI-ISMA (Gruppo Utenti Function Points ItaliaItalian Software Measurement Association), coordinator of the GUFPIISMA Counting Practices Committee; Italian delegate to the MAIN (Metrics Association’s International Network), Chairperson of the COSMIC Measurement Practices Committee and Conference Chairperson of SMEF event (Mesure Forum européen de logiciels). Currently, he is President of the Simple Function Point Association (SiFPA –

Abstrait Contents:

  • Market needs: earlier and faster sizing; simpler measurement methods.
  • Approximating measurement: taxonomy of methods and comparative analysis.
  • The Early & Quick Function Points technique: theory & practice.
  • The Simple Function Point Method: theory & practice.
  • Case studies.

Buts: at the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to apply in a consistent way the approximation E&technique de QFP et la taille fonctionnelle Méthode de mesure (FSMM) called Simple Function Point (IPPC).

Documentation: diapositives, reference manuals, exercises

Pre-requisites: basic knowledge of any FSMM

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