ISMA 16 Conference

ISMA 16 Conference.   October 18th, 2018

Time Title Speaker
08:00 08:45 Registration
08:45 09:00  Welcome   Mauricio Aguiar (IFPUG President)
  Tom Cagley (IFPUG Past President)
  Christine Green (IFPUG Vice-President)
09:00 09:40 Product Owners in Agile – The Really Hard Role!   Tom Cagley (USA)
09:40 10:20 Create “Agile” Contracts Using Size Measures   Christine Green (Denmark)
10:20 11:00 Three C’s to (FSM) Measurement Success: Create, Confirm, Convince   Carol Dekkers (USA)
11:00 11:30 Break
11:30 12:10 The ‘Sync’ Effect – How to Apply FPA in Mobile Architecture Environments with
Synchronization Requirements (CEP valid)
  Luigi Buglione (Italy)
12:10 13:30 LUNCH on your own
13:30 14:10 Measuring Agile Projects with Function Point-based Compensation   Felipe Barbalho (Brazil)
14:10 14:50 Software Rates vs Function Point Price: Productivity and FP Price in SW
Portfolio Management
  Dácil Castelo (Spain)
14:50 15:30 No Waterfall at Sandander – Agile is Productive!   Flavio Marietto (Brazil)
15:30 16:10 Quality Software Requirements — IFPUG Function Points and Model-Based
Systems Engineering
  Charles Wesolowski (USA)
16:10 16:30 Break
16:30 17:10 Agile & Function Points Go Well Together! (update)   Diana Baklizky (Brazil)
17:10 17:50 IFPUG Annual Meeting
17:50 18:00 Closing Remarks  Mauricio Aguiar, Tom Cagley and Christine Green


CFPS Holders: ISMA 16 conference has received IFPUG approval for CFPS certification extension. CFPS attendees will be eligible for a one-year extension on their certification, provided they comply with all related IFPUG rules and requirements. Please check CFPS Certification Extension Program and for details.