ISMA 17 Workshop #1

Workshop 1: Software Sizing and Estimation using IFPUG Function Point

Date and time: March 6 (9 AM to 1 PM IST)

Presenter: Krupananda Babu Mannekunta


Software estimation and productivity measurement plan are closely related and should get integrated to arrive at the correct estimation of efforts for any software project. Best approach of estimation of efforts is based on organization own historical data. To build organization data base it is important to know the size of the project and efforts / unit of size spent by each project. For a new bid, if we can compute the size of the project, the effort estimate can be obtained by multiplication of hour/unit size. The challenge is to measure the size of the software. IFPUG Function Point measurement addresses this challenge of measurement of software size by providing global standard and uniform methodology to measure the size of the software. This workshop will provide you a glimpse of how to count functional size of the software and how the same is used for productivity measurement and costing of new software projects.

Target Audience: Business/Functional Analysts, Project Managers, Bid Managers, PMO staff members, Quality Managers and anyone involved in Project estimates, with a primary attention to FUR (Functional User Requirements).