ISMA 17 Workshop #3

Workshop 3: Better Estimation and Productivity Analysis

Date and time: March 7 (9 AM to 1 PM IST)

Presenter: Sankararaman Dhandapani



  • Estimation – Cone of Uncertainty and Essential Practices around estimation (Setting a shared context).
  • Estimation in Agile Context – Is size really required? What is size? Why estimate size?
  • Estimation Granularity and Effort Capture.
  • Value of re-estimation through the lifecycle.
  • Using probabilistic methods for continuous re-estimation (SVC – CAM type).
  • Validating size estimates.
  • Recalibrating Effort Estimation.
  • Effort estimation through statistical techniques.
  • Developing Statistical Productivity Models.
  • Estimation – CMMI, ISO. Updates in CMMI V2.0.