Updated 11/7/2013

Brazilian Hospitality Shines Through!

September marked the first SNAP Onsite Training and the first SNAP Certification Exam in the world. IFPUG presented the ISMA8 conference in Brazil this October. Brazil’s hospitality provided for great discussions and sessions with new formats. See photos. And more photos.

IFPUG President, Joe Schofield stressed the importance of Brazil’s participation with IFPUG and expressed sincere appreciation to the organizers for hosting the event in beautiful Rio de Janeiro. Mauricio Aguiar, a true ambassador, continued to amaze everyone with his outstanding efforts to collaborate and network within the software measurement community, while extending exceptional support and hospitality to everyone.

Several innovative formats included the “Open Space” Un-conference on Day One, where Márcio Silveira of HP did a great job facilitating the discussions and energizing the group. The discussions were engaging and informative, and several recommendations were made to guide IFPUG into the future.

The day finished off with John Wright of NASA/ Jet Propulsion Laboratory, driver of NASA’s Mars Rover, who presented on the Mars Rover and the complexities experienced with the software and other business assets live on Mars. This was one of the most exciting and dynamic presentations at any IFPUG ISMA conference. Steve Woodward had the privilege to work with John, while performing additional research to develop the presentation on “Function Points on Mars.” This clarified boundaries, data and functions on Mars with a focus on the valuable insights that the IFPUG method can provide, even on Mars! Thanks again to John Wright for making the journey to Rio de Janeiro.

Day Two was a more traditional conference with fast paced panel discussions, in addition to tremendous keynote speakers that set the stage and tone for the day. Kriste Lawrence of HP, and the upcoming president of IFPUG, kicked off the day, clarifying the importance of IFPUG and the future strategies for the organization regarding software measurement. Nazaré Bretas,Undersecretary for the Secretary of Logistics and Technology in the Brazilian Ministry of Planning and Administration did a fantastic job highlighting the critical role that software metrics play to improve governance and transparency in Brazil.

IFPUG members will be able to access the presentations on the Members’ Services Area, Knowledge Base Page.

Thanks to the ISMA Rio sponsors: Sizify, FPA Suite, Function Point Tools and Abrantes Soluções.

Brazil continues to lead the world in software measurement capabilities and maturity.

Obrigado Brazil!

Detailed Schedule, as of 8/20/2013

October 1st, 2013
Begin Duration End Activity
09:00 00:15 09:15 Welcome Comments
Joe Schofield, Steve Woodward, Mauricio Aguiar and Márcio Silveira
09:15 01:15 10:30 Begin Open Space
Márcio Silveira
10:30 00:30 11:00 Break
11:00 00:30 11:30 Open Space – Panel 1
11:30 00:30 12:00 Open Space – Panel 2
12:00 01:30 13:30 Lunch on your own
13:30 00:30 14:00 Open Space – Panel 3
14:00 00:30 14:30 Open Space – Panel 4
14:30 00:30 15:00 Open Space – Panel 5
15:00 00:30 15:30 Break
15:30 00:30 16:00 Open Space – Panel 6
16:00 01:00 17:00 Software Development Experiences for Mars Rover Operations
John Wright, JPL/NASA
17:00 00:45 17:45 Function-Point Counting the Mars Rover
Steve Woodward
17:45 00:15 18:00 First Day Summary
Joe Schofield, Steve Woodward, Mauricio Aguiar and Márcio Silveira
October 2nd, 2013
Begin Duration End Activity
09:00 00:15 09:15 Welcome Comments
Joe Schofield, Steve Woodward, Mauricio Aguiar
09:15 00:30 09:45 The Future of IFPUG
Kriste Lawrence, IFPUG Vice-President and Future President
09:45 00:30 10:15 Non-Functional Requirements & SNAP: Challenges and Opportunities
Christine Green, Talmon Ben-Cnaan
10:15 00:30 10:45 Break
10:45 01:15 12:00 Rules of the Game: Establishing Initial Conditions for Price-per-FP Contracts
Márcio Silveira, Claudia Hazan, C M Prashanth, Tatiana Lima
12:00 01:30 13:30 Lunch (attendees on their own)
13:30 00:30 14:00 Software Metrics and Governance Improvement in the Public Sector
Nazaré Bretas, Undersecretary of Logistics and Technology
14:00 01:15 15:15 The Future of Software Measurement: Size
Joe Schofield, Saurabh Saxena, Ponmudi Mylsamy, Carlos Vazquez
15:15 00:30 15:45 Break
15:45 01:15 17:00 The Future of Software Measurement: Other
Steve Woodward, Ton Dekkers, Lionel Perrot, Charles Bokor
17:00 00:30 17:30 Closing Keynote
Joe Schofield, IFPUG President
17:30 00:30 18:00 General Meeting