ISMA 9 in Europe: “Measuring 4 Business”

A warm and sunny embrace for the IFPUG conference coming back to Europe

The annual IFPUG conference — International Software Measurement & Analysis (ISMA) – held its 9th edition in Europe, hosted in Madrid, Spain.

The event – as in ISMA8 in Rio de Janeiro – was 4 days long, including also another SNAP onsite training class and two certification exams, CFPS and  CSP, the new certification exam on the SNAP Method. The conference – organized by LEDAmc and held on March 27th – hosted interesting discussions, moving into different shades of measurement, facing both its technical and management sides. Here are some photos of more than 150 participants enjoying the day.

The theme of the conference was “Measuring for Business”. The presentations focused in the importance of clients finding measures of size to validate provider estimates and to encourage improvements in the providers’ productivity.  Real cases were presented by two different clients: MAPFRE (Juan José García Ruíz) and Vodafone (José Manuel Martínez Zambrano). These two success cases were a couple of the most interesting and valuable presentations for the audience members, who were primarily IT managers.

In addition, there were presentations from distinguished speakers of the IFPUG Board (Joe Schofield, Mauricio Aguiar, Luigi Buglione and Kriste Lawrence). Speakers from other measurement communities and organizations, such as COSMIC co-founder and past COSMIC president Charles Symons, and ISBSG president Harold van Heeringen, as well as Rafael de la Fuente and Ignacio López from LEDAmc, and Yan Bello from Spaceminds rounded out the program/

Beginning May 10th you can go to the IFPUG Member Services Area and login to access the ISMA9 presentations in the Knowledge Base.

Thanks also to the “ISMA 9 in Europe” sponsors: TI Metricas, SpaceMinds, Forum Calidad and Charismatek.

¡Muchas gracias, Spain!