2017 International Year of Software Measurement



In commemoration of the International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG) 30th anniversary in 2017, the IFPUG Board of Directors proclaims 2017 as the International Year of Software Measurement (#IYSM).

Through special publications, workshops, mainstream articles, conference presentations, software tools, infographics and other media, we invite the world to embrace functional and non-functional software size measurement (with Function Points and SNAP Points) – and elevate the practice of software metrics to a global main stage.

We cordially invite all of our certified IFPUG members (Certified Function Point Specialists – CFPS, Certified Function Point Practitioners – CFPP, and Certified SNAP Practitioners – CSP), software measurement practitioners, program and project managers, cost estimators, tool vendors, quality assurance specialists, software users, statisticians, project performance bench markers, risk management professionals, software customers, and all other interested parties for whom software holds value, to join us by sharing knowledge, hosting events, and increasing the professionalism of software measurement worldwide.

In this page you will find more details and for up-to-date events, publications, related information and references to learn more about this exciting year and the plans that lie ahead.

#IYSM Software Measurement Articles


For further information about #IYSM, please contact:
Carol Dekkers, IFPUG Director of Communications and Marketing
[email protected]