JFPUG (Japan Function Point Users Group) Overview


  • Corporate membership: 160
  • Individual members: 19

General meeting and seminars

General meeting:

  • Including technical speech
  • 4 times a year

FP Measurement Seminar:

  • 4 to 5 times a year

Metrics Utilization Seminar:

  • 3 to 5 times a year

Board members

  • President … Ms. Misa Fujinuki
  • Vice President … Mr. Akira Sakakibara
  • Treasurer … Mr. Makoto Kurashige
  • Secretary General … Mr. Mitsunobu Hayashi
  • Director of Conference and Director for Education … Mr. Kazuyoshi Uno
  • Director of Technology … Mr. Satoshi Inoue
  • Director of Research Promotion … Mr. Takashi Ogura
  • Director of Member Services … Mr. Masayuki Takimoto
  • Director of Promotion … Mr. Tatsuya Tamaki
  • Director of Internationalization … Mr. Masayuki Kajiyama
  • Director of Planning … Mr. Toshiya Ikegami
  • Auditor … Mr. Kenji Hatsuda

Working Groups

Business use Study Group:

  • Study of FP and software metrics utilization in business
  • Study of dealing price model in the information system

FP utilization Study Group:

  • Study for activity improvement using quantitative data, and FP utilization
  • Data collection and analysis of FP-based software development

CPM translation Working Group:

  • Provide to the Japanese translation for CPM (Counting Practices Manual)
  • and the other documents of IFPUG publication for JFPUG members

Counting Practices Committee (CPC):

  • Commentary completion of FP measurement rules
  • Answers to questions on the measurement (counting clinic and Q&A for members)

COSMIC Study Group:

  • Evaluation and dissemination of the COSMIC method (embedded systems, real-time / control system)
  • Application to the case and training sessions

Education Review Committee:

  • Implementation of training sessions (FP measurement course, metrics leverage course)
  • Planning and documentation of training session, and arrange sessions anywhere upon member’s request
  • CFPS test Implementation Committee

Membership Services Committee:

  • Dissemination of FP method and software metrics related technology
  • Development of activities infrastructure
  • Issue “JFPUG News”, planning and operation of JFPUG website

International Committee:

  • Cooperation and information exchanges with organization related FP method and software metrics
  • Provide latest information of international organizations (IFPUG, ISBSG, COSMIC, etc.)